You were there

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イギリスの少年合唱団Liberaの歌(You were there)もいい。映画「誰も守ってくれない」(2009.1.24公開)の主題歌。

You were there in everything I knew
From the moment I began, Always there in everyway I grew
あなたはいつも私のそばにいてくれた ずっと成長を見守ってくれた。

Saved me falling, held my hand

You were the shelter from the storm

The shadows faded away, My cares pass away
やがて暗闇は消え 私の憂いも消えた。

As hour by hour and day by day, Your love lightens up the sky

As it shines across the night
Ave Regina Coelorum Decora Virgo Gloriosa Ave
[Hail Queen Heaven Beautiful Virgin Glorious]
大いなる空の下 あなたに幸運あれ 美しく 輝かしい 未来をあなたに

And when the end of day is come, Stay with me through the dark and bring me home
一日の終わりが訪れ 暗闇が訪れても いつも私のそばにいてください。